First Seating: A New York Fable

First Seating: A New York Fable


Quarreling neighbors meet in a local restaurant.


Mac Brydon IMDb Website


Jane Cortney IMDb Website


Diánna Martin as Magnolia IMDb Website

Earle Hugens as Dudley IMDb

Jane Cortney as Pearl IMDb Website

Stewart Walker as Todd IMDb Website

Ryan Tramont as Luke IMDb Website

Mac Brydon as Peanut IMDb Website


Music by Matt Bowen IMDb Website

Cinematography by Ryan Tramont and Nick Zelletz IMDb

Editing by Ryan Tramont IMDb Website

Sound by Brian Neris IMDb

Poster Art by Shannon Hohlbein IMDb

Sound Mixing by Connor Donahue IMDb

Visual Effects by Jonathan Turner Website

Costumes by Tabby Twitch Website

Production Manager: Jenna Lazar IMDb

Production Assistant: William Tatlock Green IMDb



06 February 2019


Lafayette Salon Films


Minute2Midnight Productions IMDb



I liked this film a lot.

Original, stylish and with all the technical elements in place.

Let’s start with the performances. All six members of the cast deliver, each with their own kind of quirkiness. Probably because they’re real actors and the dialogue is well written.

Nice pace, the film moves along briskly, and before I knew it the film ended. Which is a shame because I would like to know what happens in that restaurant. Character driven stories are always the best.

Technically the film is sound as well. Good camera work, framing, well lit, good movement. And the editing keeps up with the dialogue. Good (even) sound, you hear every word. The use of black and white, as well as color effects are tastefully done.

Nice touch at the end with the recipe in the credits. I’ll have to go back and get screenshots or maybe you can just send it to me.

Kudos to the director who pulled this all together.

The score is also top notch. Sort of like French bistro I love it. Just a well-crafted film and we will screen this.

In fact it would be great if there was another episode. I think you may have something here in terms of a web series or something.